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Mon 11 Mar - Wed 13 Mar 2024
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Mon 11 Mar - Wed 13 Mar 2024
Show Times
Monday - Fly Tower Induction
Tuesday - Technician Induction
Wednesday - Combined Refresher

Courses are approximately 2 hrs

Ticket Prices
Per person 

The following courses are being repeated Mon 10 - Wed 12 June. 

Discover the world above the stage at the Theatre Royal and our region’s only counterweight fly-tower rigging system!

Led by our venue Technical Manager, this course offers a deep dive into the mechanics, uses, and limitations of the Fly-Tower System. Everything above our stage, from lighting electrics to drapery and scenery, is suspended from this system. Gain an in-depth understanding and hands-on training in its correct and safe operation, ensuring you can confidently contribute as a certified fly operator.

Safety is paramount, and as a professional performance venue, we take our responsibility seriously. The Fly-Tower System, our most crucial yet potentially hazardous equipment, is operated exclusively by certified personnel. Join us to become a trained fly operator, venue-certified to handle live local productions and collaborate with our venue staff during pack-ins and outs.

Dive into the world Behind the Curtain: become a Backstage Technician! Unleash your passion for live productions by joining our backstage crew courses at the Theatre Royal.

Led by our seasoned Technical Manager, these courses provide a swift yet comprehensive introduction to our lighting, sound and intricate cabling systems that help bring performances to life. Embark on a captivating backstage tour, gain hands-on experience rigging lights and delve into the safe practices that govern the seamless operation of our diverse technical systems.

Participants acquire valuable insights into the inner workings of the Theatre Royal and receive a take-home resource. Plus, with venue certification, attendants over 13 are set to actively contribute to community productions for the next 12 months. Don't just witness the magic – become a part of it!

Theatre Royal Crew Inductions are available to people of any age as a learning experience. Attendants must meet the minimum (at the time of training) and display the expected attitude and conduct to be granted venue certification.

Brush up with a combined refresher course designed for past attendants of our technician and fly operator inductions. Led by our expert Technical and Venue Managers, we merge insights into the inner workings of the lighting and technical systems and an in-depth review of the Fly-Tower System.

What to Expect:

  • Comprehensive Review: Revisit key details of backstage systems and Fly-Tower mechanics.
  • Hands-On Training: Brush up on practical skills for both disciplines.
  • Safety First: Emphasizing adherence to safe working practices for backstage and fly-tower operations.
  • Certification Renewal: Renew your venue certification for 12 months.

Don't miss this opportunity to refine your skills and renew your passion for life behind the scenes. 

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