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This War Is Not Inevitable

Sun 4 Jun

A play for two actors
Written by Michael Hedley Burton and performed by Michael Burton and Ryan Kouroukis

Rudolf Steiner’s Threefold Social Organism was an attempt to make war impossible. 100 years later, could its time be now?

In 1917 the Austrian social reformer Rudolf Steiner described his vision of the Threefold Social Organism (Threefold Social Order) in an attempt to rescue Germany from a devastating World War. By limiting the power of the state, Steiner showed how war could become impossible. Two actors, playing a dozen parts between them, show how the rulers of the time received this idea. Steiner failed then, but the question we must ask today is do we want to continue with forms of government arising out of the nineteenth century? Could the Threefold Social Organism be the blueprint for something that will work in our time?

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  • Sunday, 3pm
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